نامه ای به معلم حرفه و فن

Sorry I am not a doctor like you to translate a text and to read a 300-paged hand out about gardening, like an electronics know about electronic and so on. Thus, I could not ask how; any way I have some question that is needed to be answered by you; I mean engineer or doctor Hosseini.


      The questions are mentioned below:

1. If you do not take an exam when you had not told it, will you face a problem?

2. What is your major, does it relate to what you teach?

3. If you add 0/25 or 0/5 to the scores, will the ink of your pen finish?

4. The place of the scorse in your notebook is considered for just 3 characters; why you try hardly to put

--/75 in it? 19/75

5. Is Alame Helli your cousine as long as you are aware of everything?

6. If we do not like to know, who is responsible?

7. what are " the flying hangers on"? since you name anybody who call you or whenever you need help you ask student to call "the flying hangers on".

8. How many memory notebook do you have?

9. Do you like to waste the students time by asking nonesense question?

10. Why you display lessons by pantomime in the condition that you where busy with theatre?

11. How many amper is ruined in 2nd grade by you?

12. Why you hold a student's ear in the way that you do not push it? (Many years ago when a person whan to pierce someone's ear, he or she massaged it in orde to make it unconscious)

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